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The simplicity of the Smart Pin design has people talking...


"I get new customers in my store all the time looking for the Smart Pin."
Stacey in Sausalito, CA


"Even on slow days when I didn't sell much on anything, I sold Smart Pins."
Marilyn in Bryan, TX


"We've got to have the Smart Pin in our store. Everyone's asking about it."
Gail in Maitland, FL


"My Smart Pin keeps me from going crazy looking for my glasses!"
R. B. in Kingwood, Texas


"This is what I've been searching for…….I want to look good and keep up with my glasses!"
C. M. in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas


"I leave my Smart Pin at my desk so I have it every day when I go to work. Now I'm afraid I'll lose my Smart Pin!"
B. H. in Houston, Texas


"It's become my favorite piece of jewelry."
C. E. in Kingwood, Texas


"No more searching for eye glasses. I'm free!"


"I've already saved money from lost glasses, no more!"


"Believe it or not, I get compliments everywhere I go from someone noticing my Smart Pin. That's how I found out about it." 

P. N. in Humble, Texas


"I have less stress in my life because of the Smart Pin. Really!"


"I've tried every method out there and the Smart Pin is the only one that works and looks good."


"Guess what all my friends are getting for presents? You guessed it...the Smart Pin! They'll love me for it!"


"I wear my Smart Pin on my pajamas!"

D. R. in Kingwood, TX


"The Smart Pin keeps me organized. What a great feeling!"


"What could you give someone that they would love so much and wear everyday?"

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