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Our new product called the Smart Pin is a beautiful brooch that provides a means of keeping eyeglasses secure and handy. Each Smart Pin is uniquely designed with women in mind. The Smart Pin is made in several attractive designs so that every woman is able to find that special pin that expresses her individuality and personal style. Because of the wide selection available, The Smart Pin can be coordinated with her daily wardrobe selection and offer that special touch while at the same time helping her to stay organized. There are masculine styles available because men love it, too!


Garthwaite & Dickey is quickly gaining recognition as a company that provides quality products at a reasonable price. Every effort has been made to insure only the highest quality products and satisfied service to our customers.

Garthwaite & Dickey continues a tradition of excellence since the early 1900’s. The family business is now headed by Cathy Elliott. Her desire is to honor those elders who went before her and so the two maiden names of her ancestors are again used in her company.


Garthwaite & Dickey is a Texas company that proudly offers products made in the USA and employs women who desire to work out of their home.

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